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Your future begins with your résumé.
If your resume doesn’t work, neither will you!

Then, you need to excel in the interview. You must dress appropriately and give meaningful, memorable answers to truly stand out from other candidates. The process does not end until you send your thank you note.

We have helped hundreds of individuals from various industries and at different stages in their careers make successful job transitions.

Together, we build winning documents, prepare you for the interview, and ensure you reach your professional goals.

Where does your success story begin?

We make a plan to reach your goals and work with you until you get there.


Stacy is amazing. She redrafted my resume, and gave me great insights on how to transition from Retail Sales/Management into Tech Sales. The price is well worth it, consider this an investment in your career! If I can do it, anyone can too!

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Reece M. | Account Executive
NLCC Client

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Standout Candidacy

You know what it is like in today’s world. Hundreds, or even thousands, of candidates are competing for the spot you deserve. With NLCC, you’ll learn how to rise above the stacks of résumés and other people interviewing to reach your career goals.

Individual Approach

You are different from everyone else and your needs are different too. At NLCC, you will have a tailored document and plan to get you to your next level.

Interview Confidence

You can show your remarkable candidacy on paper, but can you translate that in an intense, spitfire questioning situation? Beyond that, do you know what to wear, how much eye contact is appropriate, what questions to ask, or how to send a proper thank you? NLCC will prepare you for potential interview questions and coach you through the follow-up process.

Proven Success

The past is the greatest indicator of future success. NLCC has a near perfect rate of career and job change success, as well as post-graduate school acceptance.

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